Bulgarian FMI Club

User Group

Welcome to the Bulgarian FMI Club User Group. This user group is connected with the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia Univercity “St. Kliment Ohridski”. This is a group for everyone who are studing or have graduated bechelor/master degree at this faculty and have the willing to share knowledge and ideas. Our main goal is to have regular FMI Club meetups where we can share insights and develop our skills. That is why we are committed in doing at least one event per month. The official language of the FMI Club meetings is Bulgarian.

    How to become FMI Club UG member?

    The best way to be up to date with the upcoming FMI Club events and all meetup’s details is to subscribe to our newsletter. Every month we are sending information about each meetup at least three months in advance.

    Click HERE to subscribe (just be aware that our newsletters are in Bulgarian language)

    FMI Events Location?

    We are located at Sofia, the hub of all IT activities in Bulgaria. We usually held the FMI Club events at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia Univercity.

    You can check the exact location HERE.

    Upcoming meetup/Past Meetups

    All the detailed information about our FMI Club events is in Bulgarian language if you want to continue in Bulgarian click HERE or drop us a line if you need any specific information.

    How to become a Speaker at FMI Club Events?

    Our biggest goal is to evaluate the knowledge of the Bulgarian FMI Club User Group members and we truly believe that the best way is trough the experience of the good experts with willing to share it with the others of the FMI family. If you want to contribute to the Bulgarian FMI community drop us a line. 

    Who is coming to our events?

    Junior developers who are at the beginning of their profesional path. The audience usually is active part of the event. Each participant can ask or discuss any issues which appear in their mind.

    What is the event format?

    One keynote speaker who is sharing his/her expertise by showcasing practical and challenging examples from his/her work. The meetup ends with networking which is perfect format for knowledge sharing and making new friendships.