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From IT conferences to user group meetups, we do it all – DEV.BG proudly hosts 160+ IT events a year, so we know how to do it right

We are proud to be the main hub for IT events and tech user groups in Bulgaria, providing an excellent platform for IT professionals to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and learn from each other. Organizing more than 500 successful events attended by a lot of Bulgarian IT experts taught us that success is a journey, not a destination. We will continue multiplying these numbers while keeping the pulse of our members more vibrant than ever. 


Our network includes preatty much everyone in the Bulgarian IT landscape. We aspire to help innovative companies attract the best talents by supporting them in their employer branding initiatives, organizing IT events, user testing of new product concepts, and much more!

Community & IT Experts

Our beating heart is the community. We commit to provide our members with everything they need to develop their skills and abilities as IT professionals. Our initiatives include user groups and specialized IT events, during which tech talents feel in their “own waters” while enhancing their knowledge and discovering new opportunities.

Speak at a DEV.BG event

One of the main reason our events to be so successfully is the contribution of our brilliant speakers. Our keynote speakers include founders of high valued companies, leaders with vast experience in managing global teams and international tech experts.  If you believe you have some inspiring ideas and knowledge to share, we are excited to hear from you and welcome you to our network of amazing speakers!  

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