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WE DO job ads.

We are a job board focused on tech industry. If you are looking for tech talents in Bulgaria, you will most probably find them with us.

We publish job оpenings from over 1200 tech companies every day.  With just a year in buisness, we reached 200 000+ applications from tech people all over Bulgaria.


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New job ads every day.

Best tech employers.

employer branding.

If you are trying to attract candidates for your vacant positions in Bulgaria, it is not enough to just publish a job ad. 

Usually, it takes time and effort to build a trust and recognition so you can attract the crème de la crème ot the tech talents.


We are here for you to help with whatever you need to achieve it  – advertising, events, effective brand awareness campaigns, publishing creative job ads, podcasts, etc. 


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WE DO advertising.

Do you have a cool new product or service for tech perks?

We can make sure the Bulgarian tech community hear about it in an smart and engaging way. 


We at DEV.BG clearly understand how important is the audience gets the right message from the businesses, so we do focus on identifying the right communication channel that best supports your targeted business objectives.

Reach out to the right audience.

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WE DO know tech.

We have been on the Bulgarian tech market for some time now and we got some good experience and know-how we will be happy to share with you . We perfectly understand the working environment and companies’ dynamics.


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