DEV.BG your connection to the Bulgarian IT industry and talents

DEV.BG is a group of organisations helping the IT industry in Bulgaria. We are running the biggest IT community in Bulgaria, doing tons of tech events, developing the biggest tech media in the country and having a startup in the sphere of recruiting IT talents.

Officially we started in 2016 and so far we’ve done more than 500 tech events. Nowadays we are doing an IT event every second night, that is 15 successful¬† events a month.¬†

We are partnering with pretty much every company, organisation or NGO that has something to do with IT in Bulgaria and we serve as an entry point to the Bulgarian market for new companies. For the IT employers we do services like employer branding, advertising and reaching the right talent.

Doing all this we don’t compromise on our goal. Which goal is to develop the IT ecosystem in Bulgaria and help it grown and prosper. Our priorities are always to enrich and educate the IT community in Bulgaria.