How can we help you?

Employer branding

Using media, advertising, IT events and user groups we are doing employer branding campaigns so your company can stand out and become the desired choice for the IT talents. 

We also help with getting thorough feedback that companies can implement in their brands. 

Reach among IT experts

We are the go to choice for advertising and reaching the IT community in Bulgaria.

You can present new products or services or advertise learning courses or materials by reaching the prospective IT network through targeted and effective advertising.

Customer development

If you want to launch a product targeted to IT specialists, then we can help you with customer development.  

We are doing deep interviews, focus groups, specialized research for testing new products or new concepts for the tech society.

Your custоm IT event

We can help you with organizing your branded IT event. We do hackathons, company events or presentations. 

No matter for research or hiring purposes, meeting the IT community in person has proven to be working for most companies.  

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